Why Mallorca?

vista-aerea-STP-mediaRecently during a conversation with a boat client´s captain this question arose: why does Palma de Mallorca represent the ideal destination for your yacht’s refit? That simple question deserved a comprehensive answer.

Here are a few reasons why we consider that Mallorca is the perfect place for refits and repair works that require a long stay in a shipyard:

  • The island counts with a vast array of yachts’ repairs and refits providers, who over the years have built a strongly knit community of nautical expertise and strategic partnerships. Mallorca gathers a wealth of expertise in the fields of nautical engineering, yachting hydraulic services, project managers, electricians, mechanics, metal workers, specialist welders (such as ourselves) electronics, cabin makers, shipwrights, yacht specialist painters, sail makers, sail riggers, yacht interior designers and so on.
  • Most of the suppliers for yachts’ repairs, maintenance and refits are located nearby which not only facilitates communications between suppliers but also speeds up the delivery of projects.

Port Adriano

  • Mallorca has a long nautical tradition with renowned marinas and two big shipyards. STP, located in Palma, can service ships of up to 120 m in length with travelifts of up to 700 tons; and Port Adriano, situated 9 Km away from Palma, with 250 tons travelifts.
  • Mallorca has the facilities to issue DUA TPA temporary importation certificates and allows undertaking ships refits and repairs under this regime.
  • It may sound trite, but Mallorca’s great weather for the largest part of the year is a very good reason to considering having your refit done here. We all know that in this industry wet days often lead to delays, which in turn can cause that budgets and timescales are exceeded.
  • Mallorca provides plenty of accommodation should you require to place your crewmen near the yacht while the refit or any maintenance works are being completed.
  • Mallorca has great aerial and maritime connexions with main land Spain and the rest of Europe. Articles or prime material can be shipped very quickly from Valencia, Barcelona, as well as from other parts of Spain, or freighted from Germany, France, Denmark, England, Holland etc as and when required.

This list can be continued but we are running the risk of boring you! Hopefully you are convinced by now!

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